Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tamanu Beach Resort's FAMOUS Cultural Fire & Dance Show

The Famous Cultural Fire & Dance Show at Tamanu Beach Resort

Are you in Aitutaki on a Thursday night? There is no better experience than the Cultural Fire & Dance show at Tamanu Beach. This amazing night of Cook Islands culture, song, dance, fire dancing, and more from our own local cultural group. This truly special experience will prove to be one of the lasting memories of your Aitutaki holiday.

The night starts at 6:30 with cocktails. Relax to the beautiful music performed by local Taumuri Williams. At 7:00p, enjoy our great buffet dinner, with local specialties and island-inspired cuisine. Watch as another amazing Aitutaki sunset literally takes your breath away. And, prepare yourself for the excitement of our traditional Fire & Dance show.

Enjoy an incredible show by our local troupe, dressed in traditional Cook Islands costumes. The Tamanu dance troupe will truly captivate you as they take you on a journey throughout the islands of the South Pacific, with fascinating story-telling, incredible dancing, and melodic singing. The warrior men dance to the fast beats of the drums, while the stunning women move gracefully, singing in sweet harmony.

This Cultural Fire & Dance show will give you a true taste of what makes Aitutaki and the Cook Islands such a special place. Reserve your spot today!

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